I've worked as a designer for more than ten years. My career began with a 1st Degree at the Arts Institute Bournemouth, where I focussed on visual communication and gained an award for typography by Pentagram, London. I moved away from print design and began working at the BBC as an editorial designer, designing major sporting event sites such as the Beijing Olympics 2008, and Fifa World Cup 2012. My work became more UX focussed as the BBC ramped up their Future Technology division, and in this period I redesigned the internal software that manages iPlayer. In BBC News, I lead the redesign of the current responsive News navigation.

At WAE I worked as UX Consultant, leading the design of the London Met Police intranet migration, Digital Workspace, and Public Access projects. This involved bringing together all my skills and interests, from the ethnographic shadowing of response police drivers on emergency calls, to documentary video production, content migration strategy, vision storyboards, channel shift strategy, and business change management. The last three years have really challenged me as an Interaction designer working at Morgan Stanley. In this role I've learned how to flex to fill the gaps in the end-to-end project cycle. Often this has involved being a BA, PM, Visual Designer, Mediator. Interaction design in the financial sector is a really interesting space to be working in right now, as banks have a willingness to update their digital services but struggle with large scale business transformation as scale.