UX design is an incredibly broad discipline, demanding the ability and willingness to cross into any number of business functions with a flexible, sympathetic and confident approach.


The last three years of my career have been rich with new challenges. From shadowing MET Police response drivers on emergency call, to working with Risk Officers on the trading floor of one of the world's leading financial service firms. From creating storyboards that help demonstrate the need for business change at Transport for London, to rationalising complexity in software design at the BBC. Interaction and Visual Design work hand-in-hand in telling a story or designing digital services, but it is insight, experience and collaboration that are paramount to making good decisions.   

Key Projects & Clients

Alistair is an extremely talented designer with considerable talent in turning ambitions and ideas into reality. Alistair has built up an impressive portfolio of projects at the BBC and both his work and attitude reflect the BBC’s commitment to excellence. Alistair is a natural manager of people with a clear and confident style of dealing with people at all levels of the organisation.
— 2011, Tim Plyming Director of Digital Arts and Media at Nesta

Skills & Expertise

UX & UI skills

  • Information architecture

  • Ethnographic research

  • Lab and guerrilla testing

  • Agile and Lean UX methodologies 

  • Wireframing and prototyping

  • Data visualisation & analytics

  • Copy writing & editing

  • Co-creative workshop facilitation

  • Project and team management

  • Brand and interface design

Expertise & soft skills

  • Turning complex tasks into visually simple and delightful experiences

  • Managing complex business and customer requirements

  • Advocating best practice under pressured timelines

  • Time management on multiple work streams

  • Team management and collaborative working.

  • Understanding drivers of technical and business teams in order to gain stakeholder buy-in


Please note that my most recent work at Morgan Stanley (2016 - Present) is under NDA and so it has not been possible to provide a work sample here. I'd be very happy to chat in person about the types of experiences and challenges I've had in this role.

Outside the office...


I'm currently making a short film about how technology is redefining what it is to be human. I'm fascinated by and scared of the idea of human-machine symbiosis. It is inevitable that we enhance our brains with the technology we have created. But it is the price we pay for this next stage in our evolution that I am most interested in exploring. The film is an extension of my photography, viewable here